Common Problems Raccoons Cause

Raccoons are charming mammals but alarming in actions. Raccoons look attractive because they have a grayish fur and thick black cover around eyes. They have a stripped long-tail partly black and partly grayish. The average length of a raccoon is said to reach 2.5 feet (0.76 m) and weigh almost 15 pounds (ca. 7 kg). There is a great resemblance between a raccoon and a human hand, as both have five fingers. Raccoons may cause serious problems. They are equipped with sharp teeth and strong claws. Thus, raccoons are known as fighters. The problems raccoons commonly do are described below. 

Attack Human Beings 

It has been observed that raccoons attack human beings and other animals. When a raccoon has any reason to attack human beings, they do it mercilessly. Raccoons assault adults as well as children. They have very shrill teeth and claws that can disfigure human beings. Sometimes raccoons attack, and as a result, human beings turn blind. They can cause harm to the face and eyes.

Raccoons Transmit Diseases 

Research has shown that raccoons can transmit many diseases. Raccoons are notorious for the transmission of rabies. After bats, the most threatening agent of rabies' transformation, are raccoons. They not only affect human beings but other animals such as dogs and hens. Thus, it is evident that raccoons are a horrible threat to human beings. Apart from rabies, raccoons may spread other fatal diseases. Among these ailments, the most notable are pulmonary syndrome, tuberculosis, and giardiasis.

Carry Parasites 

As most of the wild creatures carry parasites, so do raccoons. Raccoon dwell in jungles along with many wild creatures. Hence, they can carry parasites such as fleas and mites. These parasites may bring new problems to deal with and augment the intensity of existing diseases caused by raccoons. In this way, raccoons become highly problematic creatures for human beings. 

Raccoons Make Your Houses a Dwelling Place 

Most of the time, raccoons start living inside your houses. They search for a dwelling place in sheds or attic. If they feel that place will provide them shelter from danger and threat of being attacked, they take it up as their home. Once raccoons settle inside your house, they may start causing trouble to your house utensils. Moreover, raccoons also open trash cans. Thus, raccoons create a mess around your houses. 

Damage Garden and Lawns 

Raccoons harm your garden and lawns. They are habitual of digging holes into the soil to hide whatever they find. In addition to this, raccoons eat young plant barks. It means your beautiful garden will fade away by the activity of raccoons. 

Raccoons are horrendous for human beings and physical objects that humans own. They are notorious for attacking human beings, transmitting various diseases, harming household entities, and damaging gardens. Therefore, to keep yourself and gardens safe from possible raccoon threats, you need to adopt certain measures. Some common methods can be used to force raccoons to leave your house and garden altogether. Otherwise, raccoons might prove unwelcoming danger for your garden and house.  

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